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Are your sofas, couches and cushions in desperate need of some care and love? Struggling hard to find upholstery cleaning company you can trust with your valuables? With Carpet Cleaning Solutions, your search for one of the best upholstery cleaning company comes to an end! 

As an experienced and reputable cleaning company in Dublin, we offer a broad range of upholstery cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you want to have thorough spring cleaning or need us for your couch maintenance, we can help with expert carpet and upholstery cleaning Dublin

Over time your upholstery becomes dull and loses its sheen due to food spillages, dirt, grime and dust. The condition worsens further with pets and children at home. A stubborn stain on your favourite sofa may not only spoil the aesthetic appeal but also looks ugly. Thankfully, no dirt or stain is permanent unless you have professional upholstery cleaners at your service.

Best Upholstery Cleaning Dublin You Can Trust

You have spent so much time and money buying your favourite pieces of upholstered furniture for your home. Unfortunately, it takes just a single spill or dirt from your pet’s paws to completely soil your beautiful upholstery. If not maintained properly, your upholstery will accumulate more dust and grime that can impact its overall visual appeal and functionality in the long run.

To ensure your upholstery remains spick-and-span and looking new as always, hire our professional carpet and upholstery cleaners in Dublin. They are fully trained to use the right chemicals, tools and methods that are suitable for your upholstery fabric. Be it linen, silk, velour or leather, we have the best knowledge and expertise to provide the best cleaning solutions.

We clean curtains, sofas, couches, drapery, chairs and every type of upholstery using advanced technology and the right cleaning products to deliver the best results. Our expert cleaners will thoroughly inspect the upholstery type, its fabric, stains and other factors to determine the best upholstery cleaning strategy. Our fabric experts will match the correct upholstery to the right cleaning technique, ensuring excellent results.

Ongoing Care of Your Upholstery

Once your upholstery has been immaculately cleaned and looking its best again, our professional upholstery cleaners would recommend applying a high-quality fabric protector that helps prevent rapid staining and re-soiling. We have an unmatched knowledge of fabric care and therefore, exceed the expectations of our clients not just with cleaning but also through ongoing care and maintenance.

We are all ears to your concerns regarding soft furnishings and upholstery, providing you expert advice that is tailored to the specific fabric. If required, you can book our regular upholstery cleaning packages that ensure your peace of mind through dedicated fabric care and efficient cleaning. It is our continued care and support that has made our carpet and upholstery cleaning service the most preferred choice for customers in Dublin.

What Does Our Upholstery Cleaning Service in Dublin Include?

We are a trusted upholstery cleaning business in Dublin, taking a comprehensive approach to cleaning any type of upholstery and delivering outstanding results. Our team is capable of cleaning all types of upholstery for chairs, sofas, couches, mattresses, curtains as well as car upholstery and blinds.

Here’s what included in our full-suite of professional upholstery cleaning services:

The result: your upholstery will be looking sparkling clean also spotless, and fresh like never before! 

Why Choose Us?

Find out why we are the #1 choice for the best upholstery cleaning services in Dublin, Ireland.

Below you can see some results of our couch and sofa cleaning services:

Before After
Before After

Get an All-Inclusive Cleaning Experience

Carpet Cleaning Solutions is one of the best upholstery cleaning companies in Dublin, possessing comprehensive industry experience in mattress sanitization, leather sofa cleaning, couch and armchair cleaning using special equipment and modern technologies for tough stains and difficult-to-reach areas. Our cleaners have the expertise to treat all kinds of stains caused by pets, ink, juice, lipstick and anything you can imagine.

We know what is right for your delicate upholstery fabric and will restore its cleanliness to boost the lifespan of your furniture with unparalleled professionalism. Carpet Cleaning Solutions also provide a quick and simple online booking process to deliver a seamless experience. Get in touch with us and our customer care representative will get back to you promptly to book a preferred cleaning schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

For in-depth and efficient cleaning, we use a steam cleaning technique that is safe and eco-friendly. Hot water steam is injected into the upholstery and furnishings that help extract all types of dirt, dust, grime, allergens and germs easily also making the fabric look new and fresh as ever. 

For fabrics that are delicate and water sensitive, we use a dry cleaning technique that ensures the upholstery is thoroughly cleaned while the quality and longevity of the fabric are also retained.

Yes. We are a leading rug and upholstery cleaning company in Dublin, specialising in all types of cleaning solutions. Our deep cleaning treatment is suitable to thoroughly clean dining chairs, sofas, ottomans, armchairs, drapes, couches, curtains also other types of soft furnishings. Deep cleaning of your upholstery should be performed at least once in 6 months.

We do use cleaning products that contain chemical ingredients and solvents. Rest assured, all products we use are high-quality also non-toxic and eco-friendly. Also Our team of cleaners will first evaluate the type of upholstery and its fabric, and then choose the right cleaning solution that efficiently cleans but retains the quality, sheen and durability. 

We guarantee that the chemicals we use are 100% safe for your pets and children. If you have an allergy to any substance, please let us know while booking our upholstery cleaning service.

That will depend on the type of upholstery fabrics we are cleaning. Ideally, fabrics made of standard textiles like cotton, silk, etc. will take around 3-6 hours to dry. Others made from wool or wool blend will take around 4 to 7 hours to dry completely.

How efficiently the stain or spot is removed will depend on the source of the stain. However, most of the time, we are able to remove even the most stubborn or old stains. Also It is important to note that it is often not possible to 100% clean the stain without leaving behind a trace. But our cleaners will leave no stone unturned to remove them efficiently from the furniture.

At Carpet Cleaning Solutions, we can vouch for our workmanship and high-quality services. However, if any misfortunate accidents happen somehow, rest assured that our services are 100% insured and you will be sufficiently compensated.

Carpet Cleaning Solutions provides expert services 7 days a week. You can schedule an appointment at any time convenient to you. For commercial steam cleaning services, we can arrange appointments even in the evening.

We accept bank transfers and all major credit/debit card payments.