If in an office or a private home, carpets fulfil several purposes. They have a 

  • Sound-absorbing effect
  • Save heating costs 
  • Ensure an excellent indoor climate and they
  • Look great.

And despite all their advantages, they are only found in a few living rooms. The reason is simple: If you spill something, you must clean the carpet, and that is much more complex than cleaning tiles or parquet. Sometimes you can clean the carpet yourself, while at other times you will need a competent carpet cleaning service. We are here to help.

In everyday life, carpet cleaning is not much more complicated than cleaning parquet or tiles. Regular vacuuming prevents the dirt from getting stuck on the carpet. Use a vacuum cleaner with a smooth nozzle, for long-pile rugs, for all other types one with a brush attachment. Those are the things you can do yourself. 

However, we recommend that you give your carpet a professional cleaning at least every two years. Of course, that entirely depends on the traffic your carpet is exposed. For example, a carpet in an office building has much higher traffic than a carpet in the home of a single person. Families and those with pets might need a professional carpet cleaner maybe every six months. Everybody, who has ever lived with cats and dogs will know how quickly things can go wrong, regardless of how well housetrained they are. Likewise, you and your children can spill things just as well. If you want to protect your carpet and have it looking like new for an exceedingly long time, you should call you a carpet cleaning service in Dublin regularly.

Great when the carpet gets colours again, and unsightly walkways disappear.

Qualified and ecological carpet cleaning increases the durability of your carpet. 

Advantages of carpet cleaning

  • Longer life
  • No lengthy and expensive replacement of floor coverings
  • No office downtime.

Carpet Cleaning Dublin

It is true. As a carpet cleaning service, we ask for a fee. And again, this fee can be different from carpet to carpet. Still, especially with stubborn stains, you often cannot avoid calling a carpet cleaning service. With small children living in your household who regularly crawl over the carpet, a clean and hygienic carpet should not be underestimated.

Another reason why you should think about calling the carpet cleaning service every other year: Over time house dust mites and invisible dirt settles in the carpet. This can cause allergies and respiratory diseases in the long run.

The cost of professional carpet cleaning depends on the type of carpet and its size. Velour carpets are the cheapest carpets to clean with silk carpets that are the most expensive. However, professional cleaning makes the most sense, especially for valuable silk and designer carpets. In this case, you should avoid experiments with household remedies for safety’s sake.

Call your carpet cleaning service Dublin to get rid of the most stubborn dirt!

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