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Whether you believe it or not, we, based in Dublin, are one of the top-rated carpet cleaning companies, pioneering the cleaning industry’s best methods with environment-friendly products that ensure deep cleaning, faster drying, and a healthy home. We have a strong feeling cleaning your carpet can be a stressful job that you would rather avoid or go with the hiring of a professional carpet cleaning expert. Therefore, our team strives to make the entire process as easy as possible. Nevertheless, because of how untidy your carpet is, our hard floor cleaning team in Dublin can make it look perfect for you and promote new!

Gracefully cleaned carpets not only raise the aesthetic appeal of your home but also last longer and ensure improved health. Whether you need deep carpet cleaning in Dublin or looking for efficient stain removal, we would be delighted to help with dedicated cleaning solutions. With our quality work to uplift customers, we pride ourselves on being the best carpet cleaning company in Dublin, Ireland. We are 100% confident that you will feel bliss after watching the cleaning results, which are backed by our guaranteed team of experts.

Key Advantages of Our Hard Floor Cleaning Services

At carpet cleaning services, we always believe in helping our customers with expert cleaning services that are second to none in terms of results and care. You should have an expert clean your carpets regularly for several reasons. And that is why we are here to provide comprehensive carpet and upholstery cleaning services with the following key benefits.

There are many benefits on why you need an expert carpet cleaning service. From eliminating unwashed stains to end-of-tenancy clean-up or simple carpet cleaning, we provide quality solutions to make your carpet look beautiful and brand new. 

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Our Carpet Cleaning Process: Expert-Verified for Top-Notch Hard Floor Cleaning Service

At Carpet Cleaning Service company, we effectively work on the best-used techniques and industry practices to get rid of allergens, stains, or dust from carpet. We are a leading carpet cleaner in Dublin, using non-toxic products and techniques that are appropriate for the type of carpet and its cleaning requirements. All our hard floor cleaning principles are safer than ever and we assure consumers the top-level results to make you believe that your carpet buying journey is worth.

Here’s how we clean your carpets with the quality attention to each checkpoints:

You finish up with a carpet that is completely clean and still appears brand new.

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Get Real-Time Hard Floor Cleaning of Carpet from Carpet Cleaning Service Company with Ease

Here’s some of the top reasons on why most homeowners and businesses trust us for professional carpet cleaning service in Dublin, Ireland.

Whatever type of carpet cleaning requirement you have, we are capable of providing a customized and effective solution that also meets your budget. We know there is never a shortcut to carpet cleaning and therefore, take a top-level approach to thoroughly clean your carpets through several stages. The result-immaculate and hygienic carpet for a healthy home and great environment.

Below you can see some results of our carpet cleaning services:

Before After
Before After

Frequently Asked Questions

Most homes spend an average of €150 on carpet cleaning services in Dublin, where prices range from €60 to €300. To learn the exact pricing for your requirements, request a free carpet cleaning quote.

Using a carpet cleaning service is unquestionably worthwhile. They will thoroughly and meticulously clean your carpet, eradicating any dirt and allergens, better than you can.

Your carpet will stay clean and safe for your health if you deep clean them every six months. Carpet cleaning is recommended for pet owners every three months, more so if you have children.

Do not walk on your carpet for at least six hours after having it professionally cleaned. This will guarantee that your carpet dries effectively and is secure for stepping on.

Here are some of the main factors to think about in it:

  •         Vacuum the area of carpet
  •         Recognise any stains or spots
  •         Treat stains and spots
  •         Pay close attention to areas that get utilized a lot

·         Steam- or dry-cleaning the carpet.

Yes. Your carpet can be successfully cleaned by experts in cleaning. To restore the appearance of your carpets, we utilize the best cleaning tools and supplies.

It is all over the Dublin, Ireland. In other cities, we collaborate with regional carpet cleaners. By using our live chat, phone, or contact form, you can find out if we serve your area.

Yes. We offer cost-effective hard carpet cleaning services. We clean the most types of rugs.

Yes, we offer commercial cleaning services.

Yes! You can schedule an appointment for both upholstery cleaning and carpet & rug cleaning at the same time. Simply let us know in the booking form or by getting in touch with us.