An Overview of Our End of Tenancy Services 

Are you planning to leave your rented house soon? If yes, you must remember that you have certain responsibilities. You must take the required precautions to ensure that the rented house is dust and stain free. If you fail to do so, your landlord might refuse to return the entire amount paid by you as a security deposit. To prevent such events, you must find a reliable company doing end of tenancy cleaning  Dublin, and Carpet Cleaning Solutions is just that. 

We are represented by a team of trained and experienced cleaners, who are instrumental in performing comprehensive cleaning. They will allow you to see the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, upholstery, carpet, and appliances perfectly clean before leaving your rented house. 

Our cleaning professionals work using the most advanced cleaning equipment available on the market. That’s one of the main reasons why we have the best deep cleaning services in Dublin. These latest devices allow us to complete cleaning jobs quickly and with extreme precision.

We only use organic detergents and chemicals that can remove every piece of stain, dirt, and dust effectively without polluting the environment.

Carpet Cleaning Solutions is fully equipped to clean homes of all sizes. You can hire us to clean a small apartment, a medium-sized house, as well as a large bungalow. Our technicians will bring necessary cleaning devices and solutions with them and complete the job quickly and effectively.

These professional cleaners from Dublin have years of experience behind them. As a result, they know which parts of a house are most vulnerable to dirt and dust. Our cleaning operations usually begin from those parts. Our cleaners also pay special attention to clean areas that most of us tend to ignore; examples include the kitchen ceiling, the gaps between the tiles, the gaps between the blinds, etc.

Benefits of Hiring Us for Rented House Deep Cleaning in Dublin

Here’s how our cleaning services in Dublin will help you when leaving your rented house.

Our Services Are Highly Affordable:
We’ll Meet All Your Cleaning Needs:
You Will Not Need to Go Back to the Rented House for Additional Cleaning:

Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Solutions for the Job?

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Process

If you hire us for offering house cleaning services in Dublin when leaving your rented house, you can only expect simplicity when it comes to our working procedure. Here are the steps we typically follow for our end of tenancy cleaning.

Step #1
We visit the agent’s office to collect the keys (we always send an authorised person for the job). If required, our representative can also take the keys from the agent by meeting him at an agreed location.
Step #2
Before we start the actual house cleaning process, we visit the property to carry out an inspection and prepare a work plan.
Step #3
We prepare the house for cleaning by removing rubbish and every other item agreed with the client. This is followed by a thorough vacuuming.
Step #4
Depending on what the customer has ordered we perform light cleaning or deep cleaning in Dublin using the latest equipment and powerful green cleaning solutions.
Step #5
Once the cleaning is done, we inspect the property again. If the results make us happy, we return the keys to the agent. If there’s any corner that requires further cleaning, we do so before handing over the keys.
Step #6

There are times when we need to deal with fussy agents who are extremely hard to please. These agents might require us to go back to the property and clean some areas again.

When we receive such calls, we ensure that our team of cleaners arrive at the place quickly to complete the job as per the agent’s requirements. The good news is that we rarely receive such calls.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

A tenancy agreement has several points that are signed by a tenant and require adherence. Leaving the property clean at the end is an integral part of it. Professional end of tenancy cleaning services are beneficial and lead to successful renting of property. Several tenants attempt to carry out the cleaning services themselves, but they often forget that if it is not done professionally, and if standards are not met, they will have a hard time getting their deposit back.

As a landlord, you are responsible to offer a property that is in the best condition possible in terms of cleanliness and hygiene, and cleaning professionals not only keep you adhered to the terms, you gain a lot of benefits along. It enhances the rental potential of your property, that said, it will easily get rented, and you can sell it as well if you wish to. Carpet Cleaning Solutions are cleaning professionals in Dublin who offer end of tenancy cleaning and several benefits.

What is the End of Tenancy Cleaning?

End of Tenancy cleaning is referred to as a type of cleaning that is carried after a tenant leaves out of the rented accommodation. Either the landlord or the tenant can undertake this type of cleaning service. This type of cleaning is crucial before the property is again rented to a new tenant. It is also one of the major reasons for deposit disputes that often occurs between the landlord and tenants at the end of their rental contract.

Tenants are therefore advised to check their agreement before their tenancy ends, as the end of tenancy cleaning can be a requirement to receive the deposit. Carpet cleaning solutions specialise in all kinds of cleaning services, may it be commercial or household, and we offer tenancy cleaning services as well. We have trained professionals who know how to exceed the expectations of our clients every time. The costs depend on several factors.

Hire Reliable and Completely Insured End of Tenancy Cleaning Company

No matter if you are moving in or out, Carpet cleaning solutions will cater to all your tenancy cleaning needs. We clean all types and sizes of houses, right from studio houses to big family houses. Also High-quality cleaning services are offered to tenants, real estate agencies, and landlords. We ensure to maintain their cleaning checklists that are regularly updated and verified to meet the high standards required by the cleaning industry.

A team of cleaners is sent to the venue, based on the area or size of the house that is to be cleaned. Two cleaners are minimum and the maximum depends on the work required. Our professionals are all trained and expert in their jobs and will complete a thorough and best end of tenancy cleaning of your house. Also Our services are designed according to the needs of rented properties. The highest level of hygiene is maintained, by cleaning the entire house and all appliances from top to bottom.

Our tenancy service is also suitable, if you are looking to sell out your property, and want to give it that final glam look. We also provide we provide move out cleaning in Dublin. You can also avail of our services when you are moving to a new home and want to get it sanitised deeply. We customise our task list based on specific cleaning requirements. Following all your instructions, our team will pay special attention to specific areas if required.

End of tenancy cleaning services includes carpet cleaning, and cleaning of window’s externals as well. If required, you can also choose to avail deep cleaning services along with the end of tenancy cleaning.

What is Included in our Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Services?

Please note that

Our end of tenancy cleaning services does not include cleaning of exterior areas such as a garage, garden or balconies. Also, it is required that your property is empty before our crew moves in to clean the property.

An average end of tenancy cleaning takes around three to six hours. Cleaning companies send adequate cleaners to get your house cleaned within that period, even if it is a big one.

Carpet cleaning solutions is a flexible cleaning agency, and we cater to all the cleaning needs of our consumers. We also offer one-off deep cleaning services to households across the city. Also We pay attention to detail and ensure to provide the best possible cleaning services, by getting every corner and appliance clean and sanitised. No matter what type of cleaning services you are looking for, may it be post tenancy cleaning, or property cleaning, Contact us today to get them served.

Dealing with messy tenants is an excruciating experience, and the process of dealing with end of tenancy cleaning is hectic for both the landlords and tenants. Professionals will ensure that the home is left clean and sanitised after a tenant moves out and before the new one moves in. We are a member of the Irish Contract Cleaning Association and a professional cleaning company that ensures complete safety through intense cleaning.

Some examples of our end of tenancy house cleaning work

Before After
Before After

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, cleaning the rented property after the end of a tenancy is mandatory. It’s the duty of the tenant to get the house cleaning in Dublin done. If he doesn’t do so or if the cleaning is not done professionally, the landlord should get the house cleaned professionally before renting it out again.

Yes, we also clean windows from the outside. However, our standard package includes cleaning of the windows only from the inside. So, if you feel that the windows must be cleaned even from the outside, you should request our representative to include window cleaning service into the package.

Our standard tenancy cleaning package includes oven cleaning services. The special cleaning solutions we use to clean ovens will make them look like a brand-new unit.

As we offer all kinds of home cleaning services in Dublin, we can clean every part of your house depending on your needs. However, you will have to customise the package accordingly to get these services.

We have already mentioned that you can hire us to clean ovens. Similarly, you can also hire us to clean and degrease other kitchen appliances like your refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. We also remove oil, dust, and dirt from cupboards, wall tiles, and extractors. 

The size of the property will decide how long our technicians will need to work to deep clean the house. Most of the projects we handle require us to spend around 5 hours to complete the cleaning job. However, if we are hired to clean a bungalow or a big house, we may need to spend the entire day cleaning it. 

One thing we can confidently say is that we don’t leave a property until we finish cleaning it and the time taken is never more than a day. If the house is too big, we work with a bigger team.

Yes, the cleaning technicians working for you will give you a company receipt once the job is done. 

Unlike most other cleaning companies in Dublin, we are only represented by fully insured cleaners. So, if anything is broken or damaged accidentally, we will be paying for the loss.  If the damages can be repaired, we will appoint a team of builders to do the repair work and here also the expenses will be ours. You will not need to pay anything extra for the service.

The cost of tenancy cleaning depends on the type of cleaning you are looking for, the size of your house and if you have any specific requirements. Get a free quote from professional cleaning service companies to get an estimate of which company offers their services at affordable rates. Also, you should check the reviews of that company to know about the quality of services offered.

End of tenancy is referred to cleaning services offered when tenants move in or out of the property. It includes dusting and disinfecting items such as front doors, walls, skirting boards, limescale, ceiling, taps, tiles, etc. It also includes deep cleaning the appliances such as the fridge, hob, microwave, etc. How much to charge for the end of tenancy cleaning?

Cleaning companies often calculate based on the size of premises that need to be cleaned. An average rate to get a 2 BHK cleaned is $250. It further depends on the type of service opted for.

You can do the end of tenancy cleaning yourself, but the level of cleaning will not match the services offered by specialists. Although you have a choice, either to get the premises cleaned by yourself or hire skilled professionals.

Carpet Cleaning solutions offers end of tenancy cleaning at cost-effective rates.

Standard end of tenancy cleaning services when moving out costs around $100-250. However, the price may fluctuate based on several factors that include, the services required, the size of premises, etc.