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When you construct or buy a private home in Dublin, it usually has a driveway. It is very functional and looks good, but burdens you with the additional responsibility of cleaning and maintenance. When you live in an apartment, you have no hassle of maintenance. Builders clean the driveway when they give possession of the ready-to-move home.

When you own a home, the onus of maintenance lies on you. A private home doesn’t require you to pay monthly rent, but you need to spend money every month for the maintenance of its various structures. One of the aspects of maintenance is driveway cleaning and maintenance. Many cleaning services providers in Dublin do the driveway cleaning job. But, Carpet Cleaning Services provides the best driveway cleaning services in Dublin.

Driveways are usually constructed with any of the materials – asphalt (also called bitumen), concrete, interlocking pavers, brick pavers, tiles, or slabs. It doesn’t matter which material you use for a driveway from a maintenance perspective because every material requires maintenance.

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The primary aspect of driveway maintenance is its cleaning. A driveway is an outdoor structure used for foot and vehicle movements. It receives dust and dirt and thus, needs regular cleaning.

The casual part of driveway cleaning is brooming it with a standard brush/broom to remove dust, leaves, and other trash that fell on it. A significant part of driveway maintenance is a deep cleaning, which means washing it using a water hose or with a power wash.

We know many ways to clean concrete!

Plain tiles and slabs are comfortably cleaned with washing, but grooved tiles and slabs, asphalt, and concrete cleaning are a bit challenging with simple washing. You need to remove the dust with a brush before washing. It takes more time than a simple washing. 

Asphalt is a sticky, black, highly viscous liquid or semi-solid form of petroleum that solidifies after layering on the surface. Asphalt-made driveways easily get dust, but it looks clean due to the black color. You can clean it with a nylon-bristled brush or a metal brush. 

Concrete-made driveways are more or similar from the cleaning perspective; concrete has a light color and thus, dirt patches become prominently visible on this surface. The concrete driveway can be cleaned with a nylon-bristled brush but not a metal brush, as metal bits fall on the surface get rusted, and leave stains. Even a worker of your House Cleaning would be able to do it for you.You can contact our house cleaning company for this job that can do any type of cleaning, as we are not a carpet cleaning service that cleans only carpets.

That’s how you can clean your driveway!

There are a few eco-friendly home remedies from ingredients to your kitchen to cleaning asphalt or concrete driveways. Carpet Cleaning Solutions also gives you some advice apart from driveway cleaning services in Dublin. An asphalt driveway can be comfortably washed, but stains on a concrete driveway are not easily removed with water.

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For stubborn heavily-stained or mildewed driveways, power washing could be the best solution for not only concrete driveway but also other types.A pressure washer removes debris effortlessly most of the time without applying cleaners and scrubbing. 

A power washer is pressure washing equipment. You can buy it at a home improvement store or rent it at a tool rental center. This equipment is good enough for several other outdoor cleaning purposes, including vehicle washing. But use it with care after following the precautions mentioned to use this equipment. Refrain your children from using pressure washer equipment.

Below you can see some results of our driveway cleaning services:

Before After
Before After

Let’s clean your concrete to make it spotless!

You can superbly clean your driveway with a pressure wash, and protect it from future stains by sealing it with a concrete sealer. Everything is available in the market. A sealant will make your driveway sparkling clean as a new. It will enhance its aesthetics.

No worries if you don’t feel comfortable with a pressure washer! No worries if your concrete driveway is heavily spoiled due to black spots. What causes black stains on a concrete patio?

Looking for the best cleaners but can’t find them? No worries! Contact Carpet Cleaning Solutions for driveway cleaning services in Dublin for high-quality driveway cleaning. You could find many such services in many locations in Dublin, which is the capital and main city of the Republic of Ireland. But we are the best in the business. You can search it on the internet with the keyword “local cleaning company near me,” and you will find our name there. Want to clean your driveway and searching for “driveway cleaning service near me? We are your destination. 

You can trust an eco-friendly cleaning service in Dublin for the best cleaning of your heavily soiled, molded driveway. Expert driveway cleaners know the right ways to clean different types of driveways. Driveway cleaning services prices are not uniform throughout Dublin. Companies have variable prices depending on their reputations. However, a few reputed companies like us are very reasonable.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the area and chemicals that are used by the cleaning professionals. The average cost ranges from $155 to $190. If your property is in the high-end area, you could need to pay more. The prices of power washing also range for the types of cleaning, standard or specialised. Prices also vary for the size of driveways. For tough or black stain removal, you would need to pay a price much higher than standard cleaning because stain removal requires vigorous scrubbing, especially when stains are not erased with pressure washing even at maximum pressure.  There are several other factors can affect the prices of driveway cleaning services.

There is no standard method to clean a driveway, as people use a wash or clean their driveways using methods convenient to them. Contact our professional driveway cleaning services for this task and we will do the rest.

If you don’t clean your driveway, it will lose its aesthetics over time; it will begin to wear before its actual life. It would, therefore, be best to wash your driveway regularly using a water hose in your home and get it cleaned intermittently by our professionals. Carpet Cleaning Solutions provides best driveway cleaning services Dublin for perfect cleaning of your driveway

To clean concrete, rinse the surface with water after cleaning with any solution. White vinegar is the go-to natural cleaner to remove stains; it works well on concrete. Baking soda is another good natural cleaner. Dishwashing liquid itself is a cleaner. These are common ingredients in every kitchen and cheap products. Their mixture makes an excellent homemade cleaner that works well on tough stains on any surface.

Black stains often develop on driveways. You may have viewed these stains on your driveway. You might have thought that it could be oil marks. Could be, but most of the time, it is due to molds, especially Lichens that are challenging to remove. We use special techniques and chemicals to get rid of black mold on your driveway.

Most types of black stains are comfortably removed with pressure washing, but a pressure washer at a maximum pressure sometimes fails to get rid of lichen growth, and eventually black stains.

Wrap up

The best would be to thoroughly clean your driveway by a professional cleaning company to prevent moss and mold growth and thus, preventing accidents due to slip and fall. You can reduce the repair cost of your driveway in this way, and make it look beautiful. There may be many cleaning companies around. However, none provides the professional services like Carpet Cleaning Solutions.  One thing is for sure that you will get the best service and most affordable prices with us.

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