Do you know how you recognise that your carpet needs professional carpet cleaning?

In this article, we will help you with some easy tips to identify whether your carpet is up for deep and thorough cleaning with your carpet cleaner in Dublin.  

All owners of a high-quality carpet know about the importance of a well-kept carpet for the most significant possible conservation of value. Unfortunately, the need for professional carpet cleaning is not always as apparent as an extensive wine or soot stain. There are smaller signs that you should take seriously for careful handling of your carpet. We have compiled some of these signs for you to make the decision when professional cleaning is due easier for you.

Does your carpet encounter dirty shoes now and then?

The soles of street shoes carry dirt, germs, and bacteria into your house. While some dirt is immediately visible on your carpets, small particles and parasites make the dirt less noticeable. Damage to the carpet is the result, and depending on the bacteria and germs, there may even be health risks.

Realistically estimate how often your carpet is walked on by how many people. Especially in private corridors or entrance areas of companies, carpets are subject to constant exposure to street shoes and similar dirt. Whether visible or not, every soiling should be dealt with a professional carpet cleaner.

When you look closely can you see any changes on the carpet?

Large stains and marks on your carpet are immediately noticeable. In many cases, however, extensive soiling develops insidiously and over time. It is made up of dust and dirt. To detect these early signs and to protect the carpet from significant damage, it is worth taking a close look.

Inspect your carpet from time to time directly at eye level. In this way, you will be able to detect the most subtle changes more quickly or discover dirt that you would otherwise never have noticed. Good lighting and a magnifying glass are useful tools for your close-up analysis. If you detect changes, it might be time to call a professional carpet cleaner.

Is there an unpleasant smell in the affected room?

Soiling of your carpet does not always have to show itself as an optical irritation. This is precisely when decay and the unnoticed formation of bacteria occur that odours are created and spread insidiously throughout the room. Many homeowners are aware of these odours but do not associate them with the soiling of the carpet.

Often the decision is made to air the room regularly or to clean it frequently. Even if the carpet is not recognised as the cause, many households clean it with aggressive carpet sprays or too strong settings of the vacuum cleaner. If any of that sounds like your carpet, cleaning by a professional is the best choice.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner should not cost your arm and legs. Give us a call today, and we give you the best prices for your professional carpet cleaning in Dublin.

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