Deep house cleaning service

You are moving or cannot be bothered to clean all the dirt which has accumulated over the long winter months; then, you need a house cleaner in Dublin.

To always clean your home thoroughly, there are three different types of cleaning that we can offer:

  • Visual cleaning
  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Basic cleaning

However, if you are moving to a new house or hand over your apartment, a much deeper cleaning is necessary. For those instances, we offer the final moving cleaning.

What can you expect from a house cleaning service?

Let us begin with a visual cleaning:

We remove all coarse and visible dirt. Besides, the flat is generally tidied up and, for example, magazines are folded up, the dishwasher is put in and taken out, wastebaskets are emptied, sofa and beds are straightened.

The maintenance cleaning

The maintenance cleaning also includes visual cleaning, which is part of every house cleaning service. However, maintenance cleaning goes a little deeper.

In the living areas, the basic cleaning deals with every visible dirt without needing a ladder. Typical maintenance cleaning tasks are vacuuming, dusting, floor wiping, wet cleaning of sanitary areas, waste disposal, and dusting all baseboards.

In the kitchen we clean all work surfaces, the sink, and the front side of all appliances.

In the bathroom, we clean the washbasin, the shower, the bathtub, the toilet, and the tiles behind it.

The basic cleaning

The basic cleaning is sometimes also called spring-cleaning.

This type of cleaning can, for example, supplement the maintenance cleaning and most people do it once or twice a year. (Ideally, e.g. during the customers’ holiday time). However, the basic cleaning can also be a stand-alone cleaning, for example, if the resident does the maintenance cleaning himself. In addition to the maintenance cleaning services, the basic cleaning also includes intensive cleaning and maintenance of all rooms.

This includes cleaning the cupboards from the inside and outside, the radiators, doors, and wall tiles.

Furthermore, all wall tiles and all bathroom cupboards are wiped from above during basic cleaning.

Cupboards, especially the kitchen cupboards, drawers, and the refrigerator, are completely cleared out and cleaned from the inside.

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The final cleaning (also known as the moving cleaning)

The final cleaning is the most intensive of all cleaning methods. Its purpose is to put a property in the condition in which it can be taken over by a new resident.

In other words: A rented apartment should be cleaned as it was received at the beginning of the rental period so that a new tenant can move in immediately after cleaning and feel comfortable within his new home.

The final cleaning includes everything already mentioned above, but it goes into much more in-depth details:

Kitchen – everything is cleaned from the counter tops to the lighting fixtures, all internal appliances such as the oven, microwave, and refrigerator. Also, the steam exhaust is thoroughly cleaned, including the filter. All adhering residues on surfaces will be removed (grease, lime, stains from drinks).

The bathrooms – are usually cleaned with strong disinfectants. All mould and lime deposits in the bathroom will be cleaned and removed. When cleaning the bathroom, special attention is paid to everything. Not even a grumpy landlord will find dirt anywhere!

The windows are cleaned inside and outside, if necessary, e.g. double glass windows are opened and thoroughly cleaned. The blinds are also cleaned completely – in the case of slat blinds; they are cleaned slat by slat. Of course, the windowsills as well.

The floors – carpets are shampooed. Laminate and parquet floors are well-vacuumed and mopped. However, special treatments such as oiling or removing scratches etc. are not subject to final cleaning.

Living & Bedrooms: All cupboards belonging to the property are cleaned inside and outside. Ceilings are cleaned from spider webs or similar.

When your deep house cleaning service is finished, you can eat even from the floor!

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