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Welcome to Carpet Cleaning Solutions- the answer to all your cleaning needs under one roof. Through our 10 years of presence in the industry, we have served and satisfied innumerable clients across Ireland. Our commitment to providing you with the best house cleaning services in Dublin each time and every time without fail makes us the number one choice of the area.

Following the best and latest techniques of the industry, along with certified eco-friendly products, we provide you a service quality you can always depend on. Moved into a new property, need thorough cleaning for your old house, or is it the end of tenancy cleaning– we handle it all. Our carefully chosen team of cleaners has proper training along with years of experience to their credit.

We understand that domestic cleaning services do not just mean ridding your house of visible marks and specks of dust. It goes much deeper than that. That is why; our unique cleaning techniques have been framed in such a way that we cover your house from corner to corner. We also ensure that, along with the dust and dirt, we also bid the germs and bacteria goodbye. Reduce the chances of diseases and infections and add to the looks of your house.

Enjoy Ease and Get Total Mental Peace with Professional Services

It has been rightly said by someone that home is the space where all our stories begin. It is the space where you and your family live together, bond, entertain guests, and make memories. It is also the place where you spend the maximum amount of time. That is why; investing in your home is always worth it.

 You may have gotten the perfect house, the best furniture, rich upholstery and rugs, and so much more. But to hold on to this perfection, it is essential to maintain your house regularly. Since your home is a space that is so heavily used, it tends to get dirty and lose its charm with time. Of course, changing the house or the furniture is impractical and requires a huge amount of funds. But there is another easier and more effective way to bring back the lost charm- it is through professional level domestic cleaning services.

The domestic deep cleaners in Dublin go far beyond your regular dusting and mopping. Using specialised methods and industrial-grade cleaning tools, we can uplift the whole façade of your house.  Once you have entrusted your cleaning needs to us, you can sit back and relax completely. 

Our services come with the guarantee of hundred percent satisfactions. To achieve this, we treat our clients cleaning needs as our very own. Once you call us for service, our experts will come to your property and conduct a thorough examination. Following this, we suggest you the course of action that will be most suitable for your house. 

We also provide our clients with free estimation before the cleaning services. It is only after you are satisfied with the rates and give us the go-ahead to start our cleaning task. We also intimate our clients about the required time for cleaning.

Why Opt for Our Professional House Cleaning Services

While a neat and tidy interior is every homeowner’s pride, the actual task of cleaning can be quite dull and time-consuming. With Carpet Cleaning Solution’s latest house cleaning service, you can bid these woes goodbye. Schedule a deep clean-up of your house as per your needs and convenience. And become the proud owner of a clean house with zero hassles.

If you are looking into professional cleaning services for the first time, you may wonder why to go for such service at all. We understand your confusion. To address them, we have come up with the most common reasons cited by our clients who frequently opt for our service. Since these reasons come from the client end, you will know exactly what to expect when you opt for our deep house cleaning services.

Keep Diseases, Germs, and Infections Away With Total Disinfection

Does the air in your house smell musty, or are you waking up with inexplicable rashes and marks on your body? This could be the sign that some uninvited guests have begun to dwell in your house. When you opt for regular house cleaners Dublin, they may deal with the dust and dirt, but these uninvited guests persist.  That is why; we at Carpet Cleaning Solutions go beyond the visible dust and dirt, offering you a total disinfecting experience. The product range that we use is totally eco-friendly. So while they are harsh on germs, insects, and mites, they do not leave ugly marks or affect the colour of furniture and walls. Unlike chemical-based cleaners, they also have a very mild and sweet smell. Even if you are inviting guests to your house within an hour of the cleaning, there will be no telltale marks or smells. We understand that professional home cleaning services are ultimately for the safety of you and your loved ones.  So we do not use any kind of products that could cause harm to them. Our techniques and cleaning solutions are all of the certified grades. Be it your furry members or your toddlers. They can freely move across the house once the cleaning is completed.  With our professional house cleaning done regularly, you can forget problems such as allergies and infections that are used caused by dust and dirt.

Find Out What Our Deep Cleaning Includes

Before you opt for our deep home cleaning services Dublin, you may want to know what the benefits are included under it. Take a look here at the list below to understand them:

This is not an exhaustive list. You can always add or remove services as per your liking with our local house cleaning services.

Below you can see some results of our house deep cleaning services:

Before After
Before After

Frequently Asked Questions

The prices for individual maid house cleaning south Dublin can depend on a variety of factors. These may include the experience of the cleaner, their expertise, and so on. But if you have a large house, an individual cleaner may not be able to give you a satisfactory experience. That is why it is always best to opt for professional cleaning companies for your needs.

The cost of professional cleaning will depend on the size of your property, the additional services that you want, and so on.  Further, the prices of full house cleaning services also differ from the regular cleaning services.

With Carpet Cleaning Solutions, you can get a free estimation for your cleaning needs before availing of the service.

The standard house cleaning offered by us includes a range of services that covers the entire area from end to end. It includes frequently used areas such as the kitchen, the floors, the bathrooms, the refrigerators, and all the accessible areas. If you want, you may also add upholstery and carpet cleaning with the service at some additional cost. 

If you want a complete clean-up of your house, you can also upgrade to our deep cleaning packages available at pocket-friendly prices.

Though the exact cleaning time required differs from property to property, deep cleaning of your house by the professionals barely takes a few hours. Since we use the right machinery and a sizable team, we can cover quite a large area within the shortest amount of time.

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