Hire someone to clean my house

Most people know that they could clean the house themselves, but they also understand that a professional has better tools. He has all the tools for every job needed for house cleaning. This article will not go much into who is doing a better job and why; in this article, we want to look at what it costs to have someone coming and cleaning your house in Dublin.

What does it cost for someone to clean my house?

We cannot give you a price range where one fits every house in Dublin. Please consider all prices as an average and check before hiring the desired house cleaning service in Dublin. One of the significant differences in prices may occur if you own a private house and hire someone to clean your house just occasionally or if you get a house cleaning service in Dublin regularly. The reason should be apparent. If you get a house cleaning service only sporadically or even just after a tenant moves out, the house cleaning job will be so much more than when you hire someone frequently.

Therefore, the prices differ according to the type of cleaning:

  • A private house for a comprehensive (single) basic cleaning is calculated by square meters and ranges between 8 Euro per m² and 10 Euro.
  • For regular cleaning and simple maintenance cleaning, the cost might be a bit less.

Decisive, however, is always the extent of the cleaning work, agreed upon in detail. This also applies to the house cleaning for apartment buildings. It would be best if you calculated on costs of between 5 Euro and 20 Euro per tenant and month in those cases.

However, some house cleaning services in Dublin offer more favourable all-inclusive prices. The best advice we can give you at this stage is to look around and see what prices are available. When you look for someone to clean your house, the first person or cleaning service might not be what you want or need. Always check for the cleaner’s reputation or the service you want to hire and look for the price/performance ratio which is offered.

If you do not want to go through a house cleaning company in Dublin, you also can employ a cleaner. However, a cleaner does not charge you per m² but by an hourly rate, which is currently between 10 Euro and 15 Euro per hour.

One of the advantages of hiring a cleaner might be that they are easy to find. Besides, the cleaning costs for the privately-owned house and building complexes are tax-deductible.

House cleaning costs on one glance:

  • Whether it is a private house or the staircase in an apartment building
  • Whether the cleaning is carried out by a cleaning company or by an employed cleaner
  • Which scope of cleaning services is agreed upon
  • Whether it is a one-off or regular cleaning
  • In case of a staircase cleaning: the level of soiling.

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