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Did you just build a new home from scratch and are excited to start your new life? But before you move in, have you considered an after builders cleaning service to make sure your new building is in top-notch condition? Call Carpet Cleaning Solutions today, the best after builders cleaning in Dublin

When we work for you, we ensure that all safety protocols are followed to bring you a healthy and sanitized living environment. We are a fully insured cleaning company based in Dublin and are available even at a short notice. 

After builders cleaning services are often overlooked when new houses and other buildings are built or renovated. The primary focus is usually on the building of the infrastructure. However, post-construction cleaning should not be overlooked. Your home can look fresh only when you sign up for post-construction cleaning in Dublin.

The Need for New Build House Cleaning Services

New homeowners undermine the need for after builders cleaning. They believe that they can clean everything on their own, but this is not always true. While homeowners can clean up most of the debris left behind by construction workers, they can’t always clean under the surface and in the nooks and crannies. 

Paint spills, wood and dirt can find its way into the smallest cracks, holes and paneling in your home. This can trigger allergies and other medical conditions, which is why after builders cleaning companies are the need of the hour. The cleaners conduct a thorough inspection of the building and then performa deep clean, removing all dirt, debris, paint spills and marks. This way, you and your family are protected from various diseases and infections. 

Furthermore, if you are moving into a new home today with the coronavirus rampaging through the world, your local after builders cleaning service can prove useful here. They will follow social distancing guidelines while wearing masks and scrub your house clean, ridding it of any viruses, bacteria and fungi. Indoor air pollutants and other toxins on your furniture, walls and in corners can be extremely harmful for your body.

The Primary Benefits of an After Builders House Clean

Building a home or any other building is an exciting experience. However, it can also be exhausting and frustrating as you manage that alongside a full-time job and other commitments. The last thing you need is the additional stress of cleaning and sanitizing after your home is built or renovated. This is something you cannot and should not do on your own. This is where after builders final cleaning services come in handy. At Carpet Cleaning Solutions, we provide you with comprehensive cleaning services that cannot be matched by any other company. Here are the advantages you can expect when you hire us to do the final cleaning for you.
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The After Builders Cleaning Checklist

You may be wondering what all it is that an after builders cleaning company does. At Carpet Cleaning Solutions, we utilize our expertise in the field and our years of training to bring you a spotless home. Here is what we do when you hire us for your cleaning needs.

We use 100% ecofriendly products which comply with environmental policies. We are available seven days a week for after builders cleaning in Dublin and can schedule our visits according to you. Your home will be yours to keep for years to come and you deserve the most convenient and stress-free experience. Let us take the burden off your shoulders. Contact us today!

Below you can see some results of our after builders cleaning services:

Before After
Before After

Frequently Asked Questions

After builders cleaning prices in Dublinmay depend on various factors, such as the size of the building, the heavy equipment that will be used for the cleaning and the number of hours required. Our average cost is XXX per hour.

We use the best equipment and cleaning solutions. We use chemical-based liquid cleaners and disinfectants to kill any bacteria or viruses that may have been left behind. We use polish and wax to provide a shine to your cupboards and cabinets. Our vacuum cleaners ensure that even the smallest dirt particle is removed from your property.

It involves a proper dust down of every room in your property. This includes the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, floors, hallways, laundry area, walls, windows, window frames and skirtings. All debris and rubbish are first removed from the property. With us, clients can opt for a once-off after-construction cleaning service as well.

If you want the job done right and to the letter, you will have to be patient. After builders cleaning services can take as little as a few hours or as long as a full day. The time taken depends on several factors, such as the size of the property, building and renovation materials used in the house, the type of flooring and how much debris the builders left behind.

While it would be ideal for builders to clean up after themselves, it is not always stipulated in their contract. You should speak with your contractor before they start working on the project so that you have adequate time to contact a cleaning service. Builders expect homeowners to clean and maintain the house themselves. 

The downside is that builders may not always make it clear that they won’t be cleaning so customers may be under the wrong impression. This occurs more commonly than you think, so do not be flabbergasted that the builders refuse to clean up after themselves. The builders’ job ends once the final nail has been struck, which is where Carpet Cleaning Solutions comes in. With us, leave your cleaning woes behind.

You Matter!

Your peace of mind is of utmost importance to us. Even if a builder offers to clean post-construction, they won’t always do an exhaustive job since it isn’t their expertise. They will only touch the tip of the iceberg. Without the right equipment and cleaning detergents, a good job cannot be expected of anyone. At Carpet Cleaning Solutions, we are your answer to all your after builders cleaning needs in Dublin

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